Jazz Internet Packages 4g/5g 2021 Daily, Weekly, Monthly


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has declared Jazz 4g Is the best network all over in Pakistan Now Jazz Introduced first time 5g in Pakistan this is good for us. On our site, you find a huge variety of jazz 4g/ 5g internet packages daily, weekly, monthly.

Let’s have a look at some of its affordable and convenient jazz internet packages.

Complete List of Jazz 4G Internet Packages:

We divided into three portion Daily ,Weekly , Monthly Jazz 4G Data-SIM internet Packages

Jazz Internet package

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Daily Jazz Internet Packages Include Social media bundles,hourly bass packages,Packages for 1 night as well with price and details.

Daily BrowserPKR 11.9550MB1 DayDial *117*11#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp BundlePKR 7.210MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS1 DayDial *334#
Daily SuperPKR 17150MB Data + 1440 Jazz Mins, 50 SMS1 DayDial *212#
Daily Extreme Jazz Internet PackagePKR 152GB Data (12am – 12pm)1 DayDial *757#
Daily MegaPKR 271000 MBs1 DayDial *117*4#
Daily Youtube & SocialPKR 151GB For Youtube, WhatsApp & Facebook1 DayDial *968#
Daily Youtube BundlePKR 151GB For Youtube1 DayUse Jazz World App to Activate it
Internet Hourly ExtremePKR 20.322000MBNext 2 HoursDial *846#

Jazz 3-Days Internet Packages

In this list we discuss about jazz 3 days offer net packages with price and details and codes.

3 Day ExtremePKR 18500MB3 Day (Valid Only for 2AM to 2PM)Dial *114*14#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

With weekly packages, you can stay home listen/download your favorite songs and learn/read your favorite blogs from easyphone.pk and connect with social media.

Weekly Youtube & SocialPKR 895 GBs (24 Hours) IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook7 Days*660#
Weekly PremiumPKR 1473GBs7 Days*117*47#
Weekly MegaPKR 2107GBs7 DaysDial *159#
Weekly Mega PlusPKR 27525 GBs7 DaysDial *453#
Weekly-ExtremePKR 752500MB (Valid for 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM)7 Days*117*1#
Weekly PlusPKR 21012GB (6GB from 2 AM – 2 PM Only)7 DaysDial *157#

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

With Monthly Package You can play games whole mouth and live streaming Full mouth and you can enjoy full mouth without tension If you want “sakoon for the whole month” then you need to purchase this monthly package.

Jazz Monthly Browser PackagePKR 892 GB30 DayDial *709#
Jazz Monthly Social PackagePKR 995GB (WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO) + 12000 SMS30 DayDial *661#
Jazz Monthly Mega PlusPKR 34912 GB (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*30#
Jazz Monthly Supreme PackagePKR 49920GB (10GB 2 AM – 2 PM)30 DayDial *117*32#
Jazz Monthly Premium Internet PackagePKR 62025GB (10 GB Youtube) + 250 All Net Mins30 DayDial *2000#
Jazz Monthly Extreme PackagePKR 1505000MBs(2AM-2PM) 30 DayDial *117*34#

Jazz 4G Data SIM Internet Packages

Are you looking for data sim offer in 2021? We can describe all packages of jazz internet device.

Monthly Internet Basic PackagePKR 99925GB (15GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*71#
Monthly Internet RegularPKR 150060GB (30GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*73#
Monthly Internet HeavyPKR 2500150GB (75GB 1am-9am)30 DaysDial *117*74#
SocialPKR 1506GB (Facebook & Whatspp Only)30 DaysDial *117*45#
Smart Monthly 4G Data SIM PackagePKR 60015GB (7.5 1AM – 9AM)30 DaysDial *117*35#
Monthly Internet MegaPKR 2000100GB (50 1AM – 9AM)30 DaysDial *117*36#

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages – 5G

All new packages of jazz 5g with details code and price.

Monthly Streamer PackagePKR 2502GB30 DayDial *446#
Monthly Premium PackagePKR 5005GB30 DayDial *446#
Monthly Supreme PackagePKR 80014GB30 DayDial *446#
Monthly Super PackagePKR 102024GB30 DayDial *446#
Monthly Ultimate PackagePKR 187050GB30 DayDial *446#
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