Latest Zong 4G Internet Packages [2020]

We updated daily, 3 days, weekly and monthly zong internet packages information. You can easily select the best internet package that you want to subscribe easily

Zong 4G Internet Packages 2020

zong internet packages

  • Zong Daily Internet Packages 2020 

Select your preferred Daily Internet package from the table below and subscribe your favorite package and active with the following codes

Packages NameVolume Price Code
Zong OneDay Bundle50 Mb
Unlimited on net mints
800 Sms
Rs 12 include Tex *999#
Zong Daily Bundle 500 MbRs 35 +Tax*505#
Zong Day Time Bundle1200 MbRs 16 include Tex SMS "dto" to 6464
Zong Social Pack
Fbook, Whtsp , Twitter
100 MbRs 10 included Tex*6464#
  • Zong 4G Weekly Internet Packages

after daily internet bundle here now are weekly plan detail and code, you can choose any Zong Weekly internet Bundle and Subscribe with Following Codes

Packages NameVolume Price Code
Zong 7 Days
Internet Bundle
500 Mb ,
500 On net Mints
40 of net Mints
500 Sms
Rs 120
Including Taxes.
Zong Weekly Max
07 GB ,Rs 160 include Tax*20#
Zong Super
Weekly Bundle
10 GB +5GB available between 4AM to 4PM Rs 190 include Tax*220#
Zong Weekly
Load Offer
2.5 GB ,
On-Net Mints,
80 Off-Net Mints
Rs 250 include Tax*70#
  • Zong 4G Monthly Internet Packages 2020

now at last most customer try use monthly internet data bundles, so here is the list of Zong 4G Monthly Internet Bundle, subscribe these packages from code below on table

Packages NameVolume PriceCode
Zong Monthly Internet IMO Offer2 GBRs 30 include tax*466#
Zong Monthly Whatsapp
Unlimited Rs 30 +Tax*247#
Zong Monthly
Internet Offer
3 GBRs 300 +Tax*6464#
Zong Monthly
Supper Bundle
1000 On Net Mints
100 Of Net Mints
1000 SMS
Rs 300+Tax*1000#
Zong Monthly Max
Internet Bundle
2.5 GB
1000 On Net Mints
50 Of Net Mints
1000 SMS

Rs 500 include Tax*1313#

You can also subscribe these internet offer by dialing *6464#

in order to check the Zong remaining internet data dial *102#.

Monthly Premium 3GB internet package provides 3 GBs internet for 1 month for Rs 300. The offer can be subscribed by dialing *6464#. Dial *102# to check the remaining data.

Zong UnSubscribe all internet Packages Code

how to subscribe zong internet data bundles, here is code list of unsubscribe of zong internet

  • unsubscribe any zong bundle,  dial * 6464#, reply with 4 for All-in-One Bundles, reply with the desired bundle to un-subscribe and reply with 3 to unsubscribe
  • You will then receive an SMS for confirmation.
  • you can send SMS to 6464 using the following commands

Hello everyone here, We will share with you the details and codes for all packages of Zong Internet 3G & 4G internet bundles. latest Zong 4G internet packages 2020

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zong internet packages

latest zong 4 internet data bundle 2020

Zong Head Office Address

  • Address : CMPak Complex, Plot#47, Kuri Road, National Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.
  • Phone : +92-51-111-222-111
  • Fax : +92-51-5402002
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :

Best data network in Pakistan

Zong 4G, is a Pakistani Top mobile data network operator owned, by Chinese government owned company China Mobile. It is based in Islamabad, Pakistan. now its providing services to all over Pakistan

Zong, Pakistan Best data network brings the widest 4G internet coverage for its valued customer in All Over Pakistan. Zong GSM Mobile is currently providing service to 34 million visitors .

we also recommend zong is best network for internet use , the cheapest and fastest internet network in Pakistan. Zong provides daily, weekly, and monthly 4G Internet packages to its visitors.

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