How to Check Zong Sim Number (Zong Sim Number Code)

بیلنس کے بغیر زونگ سم نمبر کیسے چیک کریں؟

Sometimes we start using our mobile number after a long time or we buy a new SIM and we forget our mobile number or if we have any other problem we forget our mobile number, in this case, don’t worry I will explain in this article how we check zong sim number with code

How to Check Zong Sim Number

if you forget your zong mobile number then this article helps you to check your number.

1st Method

*Call to Zong helpline. Dial 310 from your zong number
*The representative will ask your name, CNIC number.

  • On providing him all the details he will give you your Zong mobile number.
    *This method does not require balance.

Telenor Number Check Code

2nd Method

here is the best zong number check code which work with all zong sims

  • Dial ” *100# ” from your phone

*Reply with ‘1’ “Please call me”

zong number check code

After this

number check code of zong

Type your friend’s number. It will send your number on your friend’s mobile by message.

3rd Method

Another way to get your Zong SIM number is to check the Settings in your phone if you are a smartphone user
Go to the “Settings” on your phone.
Click on “About phone”

  • Click at “SIM STATUS”
    You can see here the option “My phone number” at this option you can see your zong number

Latest Zong Internet Packages

Zong is the best mobile network operator in Pakistan. Zong has many customers all over Pakistan. Most people of Pakistan prefer the Zong network as a good mobile network operator and as a good internet provider network. Zong starts its work in 2008. Now it is the most popular network in Pakistan.

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